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FFP3 masks have to rely on static charge on the fibres to filter pathogens whilst allowing enough air to flow through for the wearers comfort. The problem with these masks is that moisture in the air and breath neutralises the filtrating charge and renders the mask useless as a FFP3 mask in a very short period of time. Hence the need to keep changing masks and throwing used ones away.

The Surgical Mask manufactured by Surgical Pouch does not rely on any static charge. It filters the air purely by mechanical filtration. This means it does not matter how long the wearer wears the mask they will always get the same level of protection and the FFP3 properties remain.

They can also be autoclaved so that they can be reused over and over again, a massive sustainability and cost benefit to any organisation using them.

The pores in the material are perfectly cylindrical and the porosity of the membrane is very high allowing the wearer to breath normally and comfortably.

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Surgical Mask – The Science
Surgical Mask – The Science

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Surgical Mask – The Science
Surgical Mask – The Science

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